A new path for diabetes management 


Neptun Diabetes Management

In order to obtain an overview of their physical condition and to find suitable treatment measures, many diabetes patients document their blood glucose levels, eating habits and other parameters every day. This is usually done manually in a notebook and requires a lot of time.

Neptun Diabetes Management automates most of this process. The medical app connects to the patient’s blood glucose meter and synchronizes the measured values. This way, the patient always has an accurate logbook on their phone without manual typing.

It also allows them to view their blood glucose, fitness and nutrition data at one glance with the help of a graphically appealing user interface. By combining the values, new insights into individual treatment are given.


How can an app improve a patient’s quality of life? In order to achieve this goal, a number of fundamental questions had to be answered: How can we develop a medical app that appeals with its user-friendly design and complies with all legal medical device requirements at the same time? How can we automatically and wirelessly transfer data from patients’ blood glucose meters to their smartphones? Not an easy task, but a very exciting one, which we solved efficiently together with Linova.


For Neptun Diabetes Management we succeeded in combining expert know-how for Accucheck software and glucose monitoring as well as implementing the medical app in an agile development process. As a Class I medical device, we had to adhere to medical device guidelines during the software lifecycle without affecting team productivity too much. Close cooperation with Roche Diabetes Care experts helped to keep product development as efficient as possible. User tests by our customers on the app’s functions also helped us to optimize the user experience constantly. More teamwork is impossible!


“The app turned out to be a beautiful thing! […] that does what our users ask for, runs stably, and gets great user feedback accordingly.” This is an excerpt from our customer Linova’s email after the project was completed. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, but even more important is the fact that we were able to contribute to finding a new way for smart diabetes management and thus make the lives of many patients a bit easier.



Digital healthcare is a dynamic, never-resting process in which we will continue to accompany our clients in the future. Our new joint project is another diabetes app that will offer an innovative method for measuring blood glucose levels. A new and much more cost-effective approach – We can reveal that much already! For us, this is a validation of our work thus far and a great example to show that our customers consider us to be a competent partner that makes innovative digital experiences possible.

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