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Training for the therapy of muscle dysfunctions

After strokes, patients often suffer from cramps or muscle spasms. Targeted injections of Botox help to relax the muscles again. The doctor learns the necessary knowledge about the position and structure of the muscles with the help of the Muscle Ultrasound Course app.

Our customer Child&Brain conducts medical training worldwide to teach doctors how to perform such medical interventions. To do so, the app shows an interactive map of the human body and its muscle structure. Ultrasound images, videos and detailed explanations are available for each muscle. The app helps Child&Brain in training to convey the extensive knowledge efficiently and to make it available for reference afterwards.


Our client Child&Brain needs to convey complex medical knowledge in a short time during training sessions. The requirement for the Muscle Ultrasound Course app therefore was to ensure a highly intuitive learning experience. Making such a complex and extensive data set understandable on a small smartphone display: not the easiest task! But that’s exactly the kind of challenge we thrive on.

Another special requirement was to allow Child&Brain’s neurologists to modify the app’s content at any time, even after the app’s release, without any programming knowledge. We developed a streamlined online interface for Child&Brain, a customized content management system. This allows doctors to maintain the app’s texts, images and videos remotely.


In order to develop the app as accurately as possible, we held regular meetings and brainstorming sessions with the doctors and the management of Child&Brain. The ideas that were generated were incorporated directly into the development in an agile manner.

A special requirement was also to embed the data set from medical muscle data into the app with as little effort as possible. For this purpose, we developed an automated program that classifies and organizes the unordered data.


Feedback from the customer after using the app for one year: “We are extremely satisfied and would recommend you and your team to anyone without reservation! 5 stars.”. We are pleased to see that the Muscle Ultrasound Course app has proven itself in practical use. It fills us with joy and pride that doctors all over the world are now learning the correct use of ultrasound using the Muscle Ultrasound Course app.



After the completion of a project, we certainly do not leave our customers by themselves. Since then, we have been assisting the Child&Brain team by answering technical questions and are available for short-term assistance in case there are any problems. We make sure that the app and the backend data server stay up to date and run smoothly. Fortunately, there have been no technical problems so far: Statistics show that even one year after the release, not a single crash or error has occurred in the app. As developers, we are proud of this and confident regarding upcoming medical projects.

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