Therapy Management System for Robotic
Gait Training in Clinics

Tediro Project Dashboard

TEDIRO Therapy Management System

The THERY robot from TEDIRO opens a new chapter in gait rehabilitation by enabling patients to perform autonomous gait training following surgery on the lower extremities.

The Therapy Management System developed by QuickBird Medical in collaboration with TEDIRO automates the planning, scheduling and implementation of innovative gait training in clinics.

The patient progress recorded by each robot is continuously documented and visualized in a dashboard. This serves as a valuable resource for therapists and clinics in the administration and planning of individual training arrangements and ensures a reliable training routine.

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The THERY autonomous robot is a technically complex product with a demanding medical application. The challenge was therefore to develop software that works flawlessly and at the same time complies with the regulations for a medical device in accordance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

At the same time, our designers had to ensure that the application was tailored to the various user groups. The user interface must communicate information clearly and unambiguously and eliminate errors when controlling the robots by design.


In order to implement the application as an MDR Class I medical device, our ISO 13485-certified quality management system was used for agile development. QuickBird Medical developed the software in accordance with IEC 62304 and created the technical documentation to ensure conformity with the MDR requirements.

In addition to the regulatory aspects, our focus was on designing an application that can also be used intuitively by very busy therapists and clinics. At the end of the day, such an application must make everyday clinical work easier for the staff. Only then will it be possible to establish such innovative product concepts in the reality of medical care.


The Therapy Management System developed is able to manage any number of autonomous gait robots as a certified medical device. The application and the communication and data transmission interface to the robot meet demanding safety standards. This was verified in a review by a security expert. Therapists can now use the system to plan therapies for their patients, which they then carry out autonomously with THERY. The web platform and dashboard enable clinics and therapists to document progress and customize therapy plans to the needs of patients or the respective facility.

Gait training with the robot is now not only helping patients in Germany, but is also being used as part of research projects in institutions in Italy and Spain.


Tediro Mockup: Dashboard
Tediro Screenshot: Calender
Tediro Screenshot: Overview
Tediro Screenshot: Therapy Plan
Tediro Screenshot: Therapy Plan


TEDIRO is continuously developing new applications for the therapy robot. QuickBird Medical takes care of the maintenance and servicing of the Therapy Management System and its continuous expansion with components that arise from new, innovative areas of application. Step by step, THERY will now help more and more people in clinics with their gait rehabilitation.

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