Audiobooks for visually impaired people



For blind and visually impaired people, the use of mobile applications is often tied to great difficulties. Most applications are not tailored towards the needs of people with visual impairments. With the Bavarian Audio Library catalogue app for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Reading Impaired (BBH), registered users can browse the BBH’s online catalogue, order Daisy books or listen to them directly on their smartphone or tablet. Thanks to its barrier-free design, the BBH app offers users with disabilities a pleasant user experience.


The challenge for the Bavarian Library for the Blind (BBH) was to combine functionality and accessibility in one app. While app design often relies on visual feedback and graphical representations, in this case such elements would have made the app more difficult to use. Far more valuable for blind and visually impaired people instead is a reliable screen reader and a simple navigation function.


Through regular consultation with the customer, the surface of the app in particular was continuously optimized. User tests with visually impaired people contributed significantly to the improvement. For example, navigation in the app was simplified step by step and better adapted to the target group. We also worked together to find the right combinations for color contrasts.


“[…] as a caregiver for my visually impaired wife […] I would like to thank you for your app. It feels good to be able to retrieve new releases from your catalogue.”

This feedback from a user makes us very happy and shows that the app serves its purpose. The end result of the project is an app that gives visually impaired people better access to entertainment and knowledge.



The app is continuously optimized. The focus here is primarily on new functions for the Daisy player. To ensure a user-friendly implementation of new features, we are strongly guided by our user feedback.

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